Who will use it you say?

Anyone who does not want to be a slave to an economy dictated by the price of oil…

I know I would love to go to work and feel good at the end of the day, not drained from the noise and vibration. Not having to wear earplugs or sit inside of a soundproof cab with poor air quality. Being able to have a open cab tractor like the ones of my youth minus the noise and vibration. Now that would be awesome. Being able to smell the hay in the fields, The manure in the pasture, the sweet smell of the earth in the spring while tilling the soil to produce a crop that will feed someone or something…

I would love to charge my tractor like I charge my cell phone simply plug it in or even swap rechargeable  batteries like a flashlight. Simple easy to use not overly complicated. I want simplicity from my tools.

I do love aesthetics though and would like its design to be past, present and future rolled into one.  I want the tractor to have an enduring quality that seems timeless.

I want to be able to recycle it at the end of its components life cycle and upgrade it when when better, safer, or cleaner technology comes about without having to change the whole tractor.












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