Hell freezes over…

There are few things in life I was told would never happen by my father. The price of gold hitting 1500 dollars an ounce, The Canadian dollar valued greater than the American dollar, a distinguished man of color in the white house and the price of gas over a dollar a liter…Three of these are economic and the other is just plain racist.

And now my brother being as traditional as my father, talking loudly saying how electric cars will never be a part of regular lifestyle of Canadians. Has become involved through his work with developing parts of an electric car from some entrepreneurs in Quebec.Part of me is slightly envious of his involvement in the project and the other wants to scream I told you so. I however know that refraining from doing so will lead to an awakening within him of his roots (farming) and he will want his electric tractor.

I am seeing in the world around me traditionalists doing the same thing over and over again, they put a slight  tweak or change of insignificance and expect great results. Why do we do this? Is it easier to stay with tradition? or what is familiar?

I say yes from my own personal experience it is so much easier staying with what I know how to do. It seems difficult for me to deal with drastic change. So I feed my addiction with tradition, yet I am so far removed from what I grew up with it seems almost impossible to get back to where I started.




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