Simple kind of Man…

A song that inspires and has been part of my lifelong playlist is “Simple Man” by “Lynyrd Skynyrd” the tone and speed has always been a natural relaxant to me.
The message is clear and concise. It seems to reach me, the me that I know to be true. If you have never heard it, take a minute or two to find it and listen to the message.
I find that when I stray from where I know I should be in my life, it brings me back on track. That being said knowing where one should be and where we actually end up can be very different.
I work in an industry where you are a unit placed into the production line of producing the hydrocarbons  that our civilization deems necessary to survive and profit. But I am not a number…says unit 1722076.
For many years now, I have known that I was in the wrong place with the right person. So last year we decided to start righting my wrongs (yes she is perfect), we moved to an idyllic community of forward thinking individuals with  one foot in tradition and the other ready to try something different. We fit in here like we were born into this community. It is not a wealthy place but people do alright.
Recently there has been quite a stir in our town about the development of  shale gas reserves that have been there for millions of years. It took a very long time to create this hydrocarbon and it seems we cant get it out of the ground fast enough.
The oil company that is leading the charge for this particular resource has rolled into town like a rock star in their shiny Bus with a message of amazing wealth to follow if we let them play here. The truth is that the amount of wealth that will directly flow to the population will probably be less than 1% overall.
Before I continue with this idea, I believe I should clear the air. I work in Oil and Gas, it is what allowed me to move to this idyllic place with the loves of my life. I don’t think oil and gas is criminal from the standpoint that it was started before my time. I grew up thinking it was normal to fuel up your vehicles, farm machinery,and heavy equipment with fossil fuels. What I have a problem with is the stagnation of thinking and the laziness that seems to come from our population, my friends and family. Why is it that we can figure out ways to extract even more oil and gas from conventional and non-conventional plays, but we are still using automotive battery design from 80 years ago?
We have windmills in our backyard at home, I will be honest I don’t know their efficiency/cost.  But someone thought they could make money from them otherwise they wouldn’t be there. It seems to me that the energy required to power my electric tractor would require less energy to develop and produce this resource, than oil and gas require to produce their resources. I like the way electricity flows from one thing to another as if it were a natural way of doing things. It seems to me that we stayed on a path (oil and gas) to long and now can’t find our way back without asking for directions. My wife would say that I can be stubborn, lost and refuse to ask for direction at times. She would be right. But I do use my gps and maps now more often than not and if it gets really bad I will ask for directions.
Here lies my challenge to create, produce and offer to the public an alternative that will allow the consumer a choice of how and where they consume their energy.


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