People are watching…

Today there were extra messages in my inbox. They came from people who don’t necessarily look like traditional tractor buyers, but they all looked like electric tractor consumers. I try not to judge people on appearances but I am definitely guilty of it. It is what keeps me safe on the industrial work site. My ability to recognize a seasoned operator from a green hand who might cause or create incidents on the job site.

My idea today is one of ease and simplicity. How do you take an unseasoned operator of farm equipment and make them feel at home on the tractor in minutes. This is probably going to be my biggest challenge. In building peoples confidence you want to take what they might have a little bit of and build upon that shimmer till it shines. So how can the design of the operators lay out to do that? I will be stopping right here today and asking those who have experience on equipment and those who don’t to leave a comment or idea of there own or others. And lets see where this goes?


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