Hello and welcome to my electric tractor idea. If you feel you may be here by accident, take a moment to look around. You may find you are exactly where you want to be. If not bon voyage and safe journey.

My name is Mike I am an addict in the most non threatening way possible, but still dangerous to my future and the future of others. I live a pretty normal life, I have a family which I love and cherish deeply. I have a job that requires me to be away for extended periods of time. What type of job is that you may ask? I am an oil field heavy equipment operator. I run dozer, excavator, grader, loader, and numerous other types of equipment. My addiction is Oil and Gas. Whether it be in my vehicles or home I need these things to live the simple life I am accustomed to and so do many others do as well.

So why an electric tractor you may ask? Quite simply I believe it is my starting point to a simpler and overall better life. A point in time where I can redefine my needs and wants to match the realities of the changing world around me.

If you have looked around your world lately and thought there must be a “better way” or “I could do that with this tool instead”, Then you are almost ready to make a change for yourself. Hopefully by airing my ideas and dreams in this Blog, you will find the courage needed too do theĀ  same for yourself…or at the very least create a need for an electric tractor.



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